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Telephone Calls

Who answers phone calls during business hours?
The phones are answered by the Medical Assistant on duty, typically who can only answer

non medical related questions and all the medical care questions are answered after a consult

with the doctor.

Who answers phone calls during after hours?
After hour calls are handled by the doctor on call. We believe that any medical care related

questions need to be handled by the doctor hence we take it seriously. Please note that after

hour calls are only for emergency medical advice and they are not to be abused for prescription

refills or common questions which can wait till next day.

Do the doctors respond to email questions?
Our doctors do not respond to emails from patients. We firmly believe that to provide proper medical care and to eliminate any confusion about care there needs to be a direct communication between patient and the doctor, hence we do not risk email communications to answer medical care questions.

After Hours

Emergencies:  In the event of an emergency, dial 911. If you suspect your child has swallowed medicine or poison, dial Poison Control at


Urgent Questions or After hours: Please refer to the medical advice link on our website. If you need further assistance, please call our office. Leave your name, your child's name, Date of Birth of your child, telephone number, and question and we will return your call.  

Unless there is truly a life-threatening emergency (e.g. Your child is not breathing, is severely choking, has been knocked unconscious, or is having a seizure for the first time), please call the number at the back of your insurance card or doctor on call prior to going to the emergency room. In many cases, we may be able to provide advice that will save your family the inconveniences and expense of an emergency room visit. 

Examples of problems that do NOT usually require an emergency room visit and can safely wait to be handled during regular office hours are: cold and other respiratory illnesses (unless accompanied by respiratory distress or fever over 102 degrees); rashes that blanch with pressure; constipation; diaper rash; and head lice.

Non Urgent Questions: For calls during our scheduled phone times, please inform the receptionist if you are calling with an emergency. Otherwise, it may be necessary to leave a message until our clinical staff is available to return your call. In general, the best time to reach our staff for advice or routing questions is either late morning or early afternoon.